Sunday, 16 October 2011

Possibly the best look to have come out of Project Runway to date. Created in two days by Jillian Lewis and Victorya Hong in Season 4 and based around a ponytail-mohawk. Oh, and they also had time to knock up a perfect pair of jodhpurs and a blouse. Not sure bowing down and worshiping's quite enough really

The only problem with this coat was the gown on the left in this picture, which took the win for the challenge in an unusually close contest. The gown was made by Chris March and Christian Siriano, under the same time constraints, and consists of 50 yards of organza and wire, creating a fragile elegance that wouldn't look out of place on a Paris catwalk.

Given the level of workmanship in both garments, and the totally disparate styles, you can't help thinking that a joint win might have been appropriate. Maybe that's just me however

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